Discover The Meetjesland

Meetjesland, with Eeklo as capital of the region, is a dynamic rural region in Eastern-Flanders. The region has a distinct agro-food character with lots of local products and distinctive landscapes.

The origin of the name Meetjesland was a mystery for local historians. The name was first found in an eighteenth-century document. Around the origin or etymology circulate various legends and possible explanations. Pastor Duvillers writes the origin of the word to Emperor Charles who passed much time with the elder women of Zomergem, called ‘Meetjes’. The two most common explanations go hand back to the medieval ‘turfgraverij’ (where the locks for land reclamation were classified into sizes or measurements) and secondly to the eighteenth century when the area was known for its linen.

Near the hotel is the Park "The Leen" and the forests of Lembeke. You can always rent a bike from the hotel to discover all the nearby picturesque towns.